The War of the Worlds

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our students and the arts by viewing our filmed production of The War of the Worlds. We also want to thank the Haddonfield Education Association (HEA) for sponsoring our event and making it possible for our students and community to view this show for FREE! 
After viewing this show, we ask you to please consider participating in a voluntary reflection on what you have viewed and the relevance of this play in our current lives. One submission will be chosen at random to win a basket of books with a “War of the Worlds” theme—families can choose the age range of children, teens or adult—from Inkwood Books in Haddonfield (up to $100 value). Students will use the responses to create a short video and share it with the community. 
Please click on the link , answer the questions, and you will be entered for our drawing. Good luck, and thank you so much for supporting the HMHS Drama Club and the HEA.


Below are the instructions for requesting a free access code and using it to view our production.

Please submit only one request per family. Once an account is created on the streaming website and your access code is applied to that account, family members can share an account. The show can be streamed as many times as you want Oct. 29-31, and it can be streamed on up to four devices simultaneously.

  1. Obtain a FREE streaming code by completing this code request form by Tuesday, October 27.
  2. Check your email on Wednesday, October 28 for your streaming code. Please consider making a donation (information about donating will be included in the email).
  3. Visit the Broadway On Demand page for our production.
  4. Create a Broadway On Demand account.
  5. Enter your streaming code to get free access the show.
  6. Watch the show at any time (and as many times as you want) October 29, 30, and 31.
  7. Please consider making a donation, which will allow us to continue to make the arts accessible to our students, especially during these unique and uncertain times. You can donate online using the link below or mail a check payable to HMHS Drama Club to HMHS, 401 Kings Highway East, Haddonfield, NJ 08033.

We would like to thank the Haddonfield Educational Association for generously providing funds to cover the service fee imposed by the streaming company, so that we could make this production freely available for our community.

Please note: If you do not complete the code request form by October 27, you will still be able to watch the show, but you will have to pay the $2.95 service fee.