Tap Skills & Videos

Below is a list of tap skills used for the first time in each of our July tap workshops.  Be on the look out for hyperlinks that will take you to a video where the skill is taught.  Please keep in mind that this list does not include any of the combinations or sequences we have done (which may be more difficult than the individual step).

Tuesday, July 5
Beginner: Toe drop, heel drop, brush, spank, step, touch, step heel, shuffle (even and swung*)
Intermediate/Advanced: double shuffle, rolling shuffles
*This is a good video on the difference between even rhythm and swung rhythm.
Video for step, touch, heel drop, toe drop

Thursday, July  7
Beginner: slap, flap-heel
Intermediate/Advanced: cramp rolls (regular and alternating), running flap, back flaps

Tuesday, July 12
Beginner: walking flap, flap-ball-change, shuffle-ball-change
Intermediate/Advanced**: military time step
**DOES THIS LOOK FAMILIAR???? See, it’s not just me–this professional tap dancer recommends an exercise very similar to the one I taught you to improve the evenness of your rolling shuffles.

Thursday, July  14
Beginner: running flap, irish (shuffle-hop-step)
Intermediate/Advanced: two-footed pullback, single-foot pullback, drawback
Check out the best pullback video on the internet (in my humble opinion)!

Tuesday, July 19
Beginner: paradiddle, flap-heel-heel-toe-heel
Intermediate/Advanced: shirley temple, various combinations with shuffles, flaps, cramp rolls

Thursday, July 21
Beginner: single time step
Intermediate/Advanced: wing time step


Future skills (not in any particular order):
cramp roll turn
single time step
double time step
triple time step
wing time step
“double” triple time step (some people call this quadruple time step)